Chase Schaffter

Chase Schaffter

CEO/"The cook"
Kansas City, MO

I have always liked beer but once I had my first craft beer I was hooked.  My cousin was a home brewer that decided to take his love for beer and make a business out of it. I helped him with construction on his brewery. During that time, I got very familiar with the craft beer industry. It helps that I got to try a lot of  free craft beer during this time. To this day.. I will still work for beer.  

After Cinder Block Brewery opened,  I decided that I was going to open a food truck and catering business. We served food to the customers of the brewery.  I loved smoking meats and I was pretty damn good at it as well, so decided that we would focus on a BBQ menu. During this time at the brewery,  I became friends with Danny and we started to make beef jerky as a hobby. Now, I spend almost all of my free time running the business or working on new recipes for future Jerky products.

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