CBJ House Flavor Combination


Get your hands on this 4 pack.  2 Wheat Beer Jerky and 2 Porter Beer Jerky and FREE Shipping!

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I like what you are thinking… I will buy some jerky for my family and friends as well. Then, just eat it all yourself. Go a head… you deserve it!  Plus,  it’s the best deal with free shipping. Keep it… or pass it around.  Get two bags of each flavor below.

Wheat- 2oz bag of our Wheat flavored jerky.  we use a wheat beer that has light tart flavor, great yeast character, and finishing with strong citrus notes. We then add our special seasoning and finish it off with some orange zest to make the taste in each bite scream with flavor.

Porter- 20z bag of the Porter flavored jerky. We have taken a porter beer with roasted and chocolate malt flavors with a mild bitterness and added our special seasoning for a deep full flavor jerky.

Get your hands on this four pack.  Two Wheat Beer Jerky and Two Porter Beer Jerky and FREE Shipping!


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