Collaboration is the key

At CBJ we understand the value of quality ingredients and we understand the only way to get our main ingredient is to partner with the best breweries to get top quality craft beer. Our partners are very important to us because without unique tasting beer we would just have generic jerky that taste like everything else on the market.

Beer Jerky – Wheat

We use a wheat beer that has light tart flavor, great yeast character, and finishing with strong citrus notes. We then add our special seasoning and finish it off with some orange zest to make the taste in each bite scream with flavor.

Product Details
Craft Beer Jerky Wheat package
Craft Beer Jerky Porter Beer package

Beer Jerky - Porter

We have taken a porter beer with roasted and chocolate malt flavors with a mild bitterness and added our special seasoning for a deep full flavor jerky. 

Product Details


Choosing quality craft beers and quality flavors are what makes this jerky so delicious.  Each recipes takes lots test batches, lots of late nights, and lots of bad batches!  Then finally the quality beer, quality seasoning, and quality beef combine perfectly into our Craft Beer Jerky.


We are always working on new flavors and new team ups with breweries.  If your brewery is interested in a collaboration reach out to us, and lets get working!  We also can be available as a snack option for your brewery, just let us know how we can work together.


he cooking process we use to create our beer jerky is unique to the jerky flavor we are trying to achieve and the beer we are using.  We strive to have the traditional jerky style that is firm but not dry and bursting with yummy flavors.

The Craft

The horns on a bulls head, classic imagery of beef jerky… Our twist? Yes that head is made of hops!  Just like we have delicious beef jerky with a twist, craft beer!

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The CBJ Team

The team that loved craft beer and jerky enough to put them together for you
Danny Kueser
Danny Kueser
Sales/"The brewer"
Chase Schaffter
Chase Schaffter
CEO/"The cook"